Laat Vita Tilburg een workshop op je studie- of studentenvereniging organiseren!


Perhaps you’re a board member or committee member of your study association or student union. You might notice that several member have their struggles in the area of well-being. Your members have to deal with stress, making good choices, financial or other worries, high expectations of themselves or others… Then invite us to deliver an interactive workshop! We have several workshops to offer, but can also create a tailor-made workshop that dives deep into the questions of the members of your union or study association.

Workshops we offer:

  • How do I deal with my stress?
    In this workshop we give attention to the theory about stress. What is it? When does it become unhealthy? Also we offer several different interactive and reflective exercises to check yourself on your level of stress. Finally we will give you tips on how to deal with your stress in a healthy way.
  • Jobcrafting
    Discover what you find is important in a job and how you can proactively contribute to not just finding a job, but to find the job that suits you well.
  • Grip on your financial situation
    Many students experience financial stress. In this workshop we will take a closer look to what money has to do for you. We will give you practical tips to organise your finances. Optionally this workshop can span two evenings where every attendant will work at their own financial plan.
  • Retreat
    Take your committee, board or union/association to the monastery! Enjoy an evening of silence and exercises in the area of self reflection and relaxation of your body.
  • Dealing with fear or depression
    In this workshop you will find out what fear and feelings of depression can do to you. We will share a few basic techniques to handle these feelings and emotions. We use interactive coaching exercises and like to start a conversation between members about fear and depression. Attendants will practice to recognise emotions in their own life and to estimate when it’s time to ask for help.
  • A custom made workshop for your union or study association

Contact us if you want to start to work with a certain topic or questions in the area of well-being and meaning. We can create a tailor-made workshop for your union.

All of our workshops are characterised by self reflections, practical exercises and interaction. There is plenty of time to ask your questions and we even like to continue our conversations after the workshop. After engaging in a workshop you will have gotten to know your fellow union members better and have acquired some practical tools for self care or living out of your own values.

We can come to your union to deliver a workshop at your desired location, but it also possible to invite you in the Capuchin convent where Vita Tilburg has its base.

These workshops are led by Anneriet and Amela. Anneriet has worked for 17 years with young adults and is a life coach and counselor. Amela has just finished a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. Together we offer a nice mix of theory and practical exercises in our workshops. These workshops can be offered both in English as in Dutch.Anneriet BoonenAmela

Want to find out whether a workshop suits your union?

Contact Anneriet and Amela to discover what Vita Tilburg can mean to your student union or study association.