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Our activities

We organize all our activities together with students or young professionals. If you have an idea, then do let us know so we can arrange it together.

Upcoming events

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Our Bookclub gets together every month to discuss literature. You do not have to be a connoiseur of literature to take part. During the period between gatherings, you immerse yourself in the chosen book. During Bookclub we discuss what inspired or irritated us. We check if we recognize ourselves in what we have been reading and consider if there is a life lesson to be found anywhere. Together we choose which books we are going to read. It is an open Bookclub so you can join at any moment. Discussions are in English but of course you may feel free to read the book in any translation you want.


On a regular basis we offer trainings in the field of well-being and meaning. Subjets may be for instance: çharacter strengths, how to make it to the end of the month (about finances) or how do I choose (a master). Our trainings are interactive always. They leave room for reflection and you go home with practical ideas.  Every training is put together in cooperation with students and young professionals.

Roundtable discussions

On  some subjects  all of us have some insight or experience to share. On such subjects we regularly organize roundtable discussions. Any one of us can propose a subject and we put questions to each other. In that way we hope to learn something from each other. A lifecoach takes part in these discussions. By asking questions the lifecoach will help to access spiritual depth and –if the participants should want it- he/she can help you further on your way from his/her own experience and expertise. What are we going to talk about? You can suggest that yourself. Please do contact us if and when you have an idea.

Silence in the City

Every other Wednesday evening we offer ‘Silence in the City’ in the convent chapel of the Capuchin friars. A place to catch your breath. With silence, music, Bible meditation and other (time honoured) forms of Christian spirituality.

‘Silence in the City’ takes half an hour and if you like you can stay for a bit longer after that, to have a drink or just for the fun of each others company.

Community events

Vita Tilburg is also a place to relax and chill together. On a regular basis we share potluck dinners (every one brings something) or picnics. Sometimes we do volunteerwork or we participate in sports together. Every one of us contributes something and it is always companiable.


We offer personal coaching for students and young professionals. Do you have questions or life themes that you would like to explore together with an other person? Then coaching might be for you.