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Our activities

At Vita you can find many activities in the area of wellbeing and meaning. We organise all our activities together with students or young professionals. We also organise activities in cooperation with student unions and study associations. If you have an idea, then do let us know so we can arrange it together.

Upcoming events

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Our Bookclub gets together every month to discuss literature. You do not have to be a connoiseur of literature to take part. During the period between gatherings, you immerse yourself in the chosen book. During Bookclub we discuss what inspired or irritated us. We check if we recognize ourselves in what we have been reading and consider if there is a life lesson to be found anywhere. Together we choose which books we are going to read. It is an open Bookclub so you can join at any moment. Discussions are in English but of course you may feel free to read the book in any translation you want.


On a regular basis we offer workshops in the field of well-being and meaning. Subjets may be for instance: character strengths, how to make it to the end of the month (about finances) or how do I choose (a master). Our workshops are interactive always. They leave room for reflection and you go home with practical ideas.  Every workshop is put together in cooperation with students and young professionals.

It is also possible to invite us to deliver a workshop a your own association. Check this page for more information!

Roundtable discussions

New: from September 2023 onwards we will offer roundtable discussions. We will gather with a smaal group in a relaxed atmosphere in the monastery where there is plenty of space for your story. You can share anything you like. Anything fun which you enjoyed, your study struggles, anything about your upbringing or your future plans… Anything is welcome! The group will listen without judgement and returns a question for your to further think through. Everyone will receive a turn. If you prefer to just listen: feel free to join us as well!

Roundtable discussions are guided by Anneriet. She is a life coach and spiritual director.


Every semester we offer a Retreat in the monastery. On a Saturday afternoon we gather for exercises about self reflection, to enjoy the silence and to relax your body. We close with a simple meal and doing the dishes. Upon arrival you’ll hand in your phone and leave the daily distractions behind to check in with yourslef and search after your deepest longings.

It is also possible to book a Retreat for your union or study association. Contact us for the possibilities!

Community events

Vita Tilburg is also a place to relax and chill together, to make friends and to enjoy the good life. On a regular basis we share potluck dinners (every one brings something) or picnics. We organise concerts or a Thanksgiving dinner. We like to organise activities in cooperation with other students unions or study associations to bundle our strengths. Our strength: a beautiful location at the heart of Tilburg where we can gather with small or large groups; offer exercises in the area of well-being and meaning; offer space to slow down and leave the daily rush.


We offer personal coaching for students and young professionals. Do you have questions or life themes that you would like to explore together with an other person? Then coaching might be for you.