You came to The Netherlands to study or work. It has cost you quite some effort to get here and in the beginning you really enjoyed it. But now you start to doubt if you are up to it, you miss home and some parts of the Dutch life actually freak you out. And as if that isn’t enough, it starts raining, it gets colder and daylight is just too short!!

Do you recognize this (or at least some of it)?

In November students often come to us with doubts about continuing their study, feelings of loneliness, anxiety or sadness or just a general feeling of tiredness. The honeymoon phase of entering a new culture might be over and maybe they suffer from culture shock.

So, you are not the only one! Let’s meet up to share our questions (and maybe a bit of our frustration ;-)) and hear from each other our successful coping strategies.

A round table is a meeting in which every participant brings their questions ├índ wisdom. There is no ’teacher’, but Anneriet (life coach and student counselor) will be there to facilitate the discussion.

Practical information

This event will be held in the Capuchin monastery which is located in the city centre of Tilburg: Korvelseweg 165. The Monastery is has a long driveway. You can ride up to the building and lock your bike to the fence. A bit to the right you will see a door (with the number 165 next to it) and you can ring the bell. Anneriet will open the door for you! :-)

You can reach it by bike, foot, car or bus (bus 8 to Het Laar Oost, stop: Paterstraat). In case you come by car you can drive into the driveway, at the end at the right you find the parking.

COVID: We ask you to only come when you have no complaints.

In case you have a question: feel free to contact Anneriet!

Join us!

Send us a message to apply. We need your phone number and email address to contact you in case our plans need to change. We won’t use it for other purposes (including promotions), but if you do like to stay informed you can drop us a message or follow us on our socials.

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